Our Mission & Strategy

  • establishment of competitive fruit and vegetable production in the Zagreb county and other regions of the Croatia
  • strengthen the competitiveness of fruit and vegetables producers
  • storage, organized and secure placement on the market
  • encouraging manufacturers to increase the area under crops
  • education of new technologies in fruits and vegetables production
  • improve professional competence of manufacturers
  • application of new technologies in agriculture
  • strengthening the development of City of Velika Gorica and Zagreb County through the expansion of the project and the use of incentives Croatia joining the EU



Our Team

dipl. ing. Hrvoje Bunjevac
// CEO

Vlado Horina
// Associate Director

Sunčana Kuzmec
// Business Secretary


Our Clients


Rakitovec 244B,
10419 Vukovina
+385 (1) 6255 929
+385 (1) 6255 930
+385 (91) 6176 957
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About Us

Company Distributivni centar za voće i povrće Ltd. from Velika Gorica was founded in 2008. on the initiative of Zagreb county, the city of Velika Gorica and agricultural cooperative Zagrebački voćnjaci p.z. intending to become a central location that will allow the concentration of supply of fruit and vegetable farmers in the area of Zagreb County and surrounding counties.

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