Business policy

Providing a number of benefits for small business

01 Production planning and easier access to the market.

02 Sorting and calibration of fruits by stricter standards of customers (retail chains ).

03 Savings in storing and preparation of fruits for the market.

04 Simpler and faster distribution of products.

05 Maintaining the same quality of fruit during the whole storage period.

06 Continuous supply of market.

07 Achieving a higher average price of the product on the market.

08 Expand existing assortment of fruit and vegetables.

These benefits will provide stronger competitiveness on domestic market and will generate necessary precondition for the export of products to the European market.

General operating policies

Company's business policy is based on the following values: legality of work and business, professionalism, competence, fairness, honesty, integrity and responsibility. Company will attempt to achieve additional income with minimum operating costs in the upcoming period.

Short-term operating policies

Short-business policies of the Company are included in the action plan, realisation of the second phase , building of ULO cold storage ,increasing the share of the domestic market and seeking opportunities for export.

Long-term operating policies

Long-term business policy of the Company is to find new models of development for domestic production. Assisting the development of small businesses and preparing it for challenges on the EU market.

External operating policies

Foreign business policy of the Company consists of all activities towards the environment, and these are mainly:

  • relation to producers– the basic principle of courtesy, Company exists for the producers themselves
  • relation to commercial banks – build partnership
  • relation to the owner – promotion of the objectives in the implementation of economic development, protection of the assets invested in the target project

Internal operating policies

Internal policy of the Company consists of all activities of the Company which enhances its potential, which is primarily related to:

  • product policy – the main product of the company are agricultural products which requires from the Company consider all possible factors that impact on Company's business activity and compliance with the provisions of safety and efficacy
  • financial policy – financial policies of the Company are included in the draft financial plan. Plan provides a way to finance the Company's business (payment of the costs of operations through revenue sources). Company will rationally manage the funds available.
  • development policy of the Company - development of the Company will be in compliance with the financial capabilities of the company and with the objectives of the founders of the Company


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About Us

Company Distributivni centar za voće i povrće Ltd. from Velika Gorica was founded in 2008. on the initiative of Zagreb county, the city of Velika Gorica and agricultural cooperative Zagrebački voćnjaci p.z. intending to become a central location that will allow the concentration of supply of fruit and vegetable farmers in the area of Zagreb County and surrounding counties.

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